What's a 'CLUNKER' ? 

Established in 2016, THE CLUNKER was launched a year later as an eclectic challenge to traditional formats of artistic display. Created by Jake Francis and Davide Lakshmanasamy, the idea was devised by the pair in response to an underwhelming ‘interactive exhibition’. Making its debut alongside the 2017 NNF (Norfolk & Norwich Festival), THE CLUNKER has now exhibited the wares of over 60 international and local artists across a number of locations. Most recently, this has included Manifest Arts Festival 2019, a programme devised by groups in Manchester to provide interactive artworks to visitors.

Returning to NNF in May 2020, THE CLUNKER will exhibit works from an international collection of both old and new artists - continuing its tour to Milton Keynes in July. 

Upcoming (Postponed / cancelled)

2020 - Chapelfield Gardens - Norfolk & Norwich Festival (13th - 24th May)

2020 - Venue TBC - Milton Keynes Festival Fringe

Previous exhibitions & features 

2017 - Playhouse Bar, Norwich (May)

2017 - Anteros Gallery, Norwich (May-August)

2019 - Playhouse Bar, Norwich (May-June)

2019 - Air Gallery - Manchester Manifest Festival (June-July)

2019 - Feature - THE CLUNKER: Manifest Arts (July 17th post) - Link

2020 - Feature - THE CLUNKER at NNF - Link

2020 - Feature - Future Radio NNF Takeover 11th May - Link 

2020 - Feature - BBC Radio Norfolk 12th May 

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